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Atami High Porosity Cocos growing medium consists of high-quality aged, washed, buffered and adeptly fertilized coco, with the added benefit of the airiness of perlite.

The availability of air is vital for your crops’ root development. Roots need to breathe, as an airy substrate results in the production of more root hairs. The oxygen is required to process sugars into energy. Using this energy, the roots can expand and actively supply more nutrients to the rest of your crop.

This is why it is essential that a substrate offers a high air percentage. Any airy substrate provides proper drainage and a continuous air supply.

The Atami High Porosity Cocos is unique in the fact that it is a coco with light fertiliser included, sufficient enough for the 1st week of plant growth. The buffering ensures the grower has optimum control of pH levels. After the first week you can add water with liquid fertilisers and stimulators to gain optimal growing results. Because of the structure of coco, it can store nutrients that are continually available for the plant.

Atami growing mediums are internationally certified by RHP, a foundation whose aim is to optimize the quality of growing mediums.

The coconut fibres have been washed, steamed and buffered to ensure that the substrate is free from any pathogens and unwanted elements, giving an optimum growing substrate that is suitable for both seeds and cuttings.

  • Airy structure
  • High quality coco
  • Optimal root development

Available in bags of 50L.

Produced in The Netherlands.


  • Ingredients – coconut fibers, mineral lime, calcium nitrate and NPK fertilizer 11-27-8
  • pH 6.2
  • EC (1: 1.5 H2O VV) & lt; 1.5 mS / cm
  • Organic matter> 45%
  • Moisture content <80%
  • 50l
  • Air volume 30%

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