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BioSulphur is a 100% natural nutrient, indispensable for plants. This product contains elemental sulphur in a form that is not comparable to that of conventional sulphur and is obtained by bacterial biological process.This sulphur has, in contrast to octa-sulphur, a hydrophilic character and is therefor water-soluble.
This gives you a real Powdery Mildew prevention product and a fantastic addition to your IPM regiment. There are less pests and issues with our plants after using this product.


Mode of Action, Sulphur is an essential building block for the formation of amino acids, proteins, enzymes and vitamins. In the case of sulphur deficiency, the protein metabolism of the plant is disturbed. The use of this particular sulphur, means greater amounts of sulphur are available for the plant and ensures a better biological activity. The result is a more resilient plant.
Shake well before use.
Foliar application of 1-3ml per litre
1ml per litre for a preventative spray, 2/3ml per litre for a problematic plant
PH of spray must be between 5- 7
Use a fine spray nozzle
– 250 ML

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