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Our Crystal Resistant Free Flow Vape Distillate is a cut above the rest! Our new glass Cartridges gives a more flavoursome profile without any of the harsh chemicals found in most vape cartridges. Our New glass Cartridge is free from heavy metals, toxins and is more Eco Friendly.

– 1ml Holding Capacity

– 800mg Of CBD per cartridge

– Available in a variety of Terpene Profiles

– 885mg Cannabinoid Content



Strain: Indica

Fragrance: Cheese, funk, savory

Effects: Soothing, couch-lock, great for the end of the day discomforts

Blue Cheese is a heavy indica with sweet scents of blueberry and savory notes of cheese. This distinct flavor provides soothing qualities and euphoria.


Strain: Hybrid

Fragrance: Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies blend to form a tasty flavor with lemon and mango highlights along with creamy lavender notes. A complex variety; the exhale holds the citrus cream flavor.

Effects: Great for unwinding at the end of the day or just removing the discomfort of the day. Great for lifting your spirits.

Wedding Cake is a mash-up of sweet, pastry-named varieties to create a profile good enough for any special day.


Strain: Sativa

Fragrance: Sweet blueberry

Effects: Euphoric and creative

Blue Dream Infused Strain Profile takes the euphoria and creativity boosting properties of Blueberry indica and sativa Haze and complements the mood with sweet blueberry. Full Flavor. Full Effect.


Strain: Indica

Fragrance: Sweet, floral, earth

Effects: Soothed, tired, hungry and a fusion of euphoria

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) is an indica from California with deep purple blooms. It is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. The effects of this sweet, grape/berry flavored, powerful strain are both euphoric and soothing. In addition to feeling soothed, patients describe feeling tired, happy, and hungry.


Strain: Hybrid

Fragrance: Sweet, pungent, berry like, creamy

Effects: Soothing, euphoric, happy, giggly

This hybrid strain is named for its dessert-like aroma. A blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato is a potent deliverer of restfulness and euphoria. Sweet, pungent, flowery scents bring creativity. Also known as “Larry Bird.”

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Blue Cheese, Blue Dream, Gelato, Grand Daddy Purps, Wedding Cake