Clone Transporter


6 cell clone transporters ready to go! When you needing to share those hunted keepers, or just getting some fresh clones off to a friend. Look no further, these transporters will help you get your precious cargo packed securely and safely, ready for you to ship them out. Manufactured in South Africa, cause local is lekker!

Each transporter can hold 6 clones securely in place. A division for the jiffy/plug and plant has been well designed to keep them in place, while protecting the young, white, fuzzy roots and clone from damage.

Air can exchange, whilst still maintaining moisture for a short journey.

We recommend adding a string of battery operated lights (Christmas tree type) to your transporter when shipping/posting. This will help prevent clones from going into flower.


– 6 Cells

– Reusable

– Strong and light weight

– Clear

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Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 6 cm