Coconut Chalice


Brand – Perfect Tree

Pack Size – 6 Seeds Per Pack

Flowering Time – 8 Weeks

Genetics – Hybrid

Lineage – Gelato #41 x Coco milk

Yield – Big

Terp Profile – Delightful fusion of Gelato and rich cream

Coconut Chalice by Perfect Tree Seeds is a new-creation masterpiece that makes up part of these exceptional breeders, based out of Barcelona’s, brand new Coco Milk line.

Perfect Tree Coconut Chalice is a masterful cross between the iconic Gelato #41, the most infamous of Gelato phenotypes with their reversed Coco Milk female, which has been reversed to create female pollen to perfectly blend with the creamy, Gelato-infused flavours.

It inherits the luscious, creamy traits of Coco Milk while retaining the profound essence of its Gelato ancestry. Anticipate bountiful, resinous buds that are a visual feast with a bold flavour profile, combining the best of Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, and robust gassy terpenes.

Coconut Chalice sports short internodes, culminating in impressive colas that are reminiscent of baseball bats, adorned with the classic purple hues inherited from its parent strains. Ready for harvest in just 8 weeks, this strain is another great offering from these highly established breeders who a substantial yield and an intoxicating aroma that fills the space.

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Coconut Chalice + pack of 3 Free Coco Milk S1 Feminized Seeds