Pack Size – 6 Seeds Per Pack

Flowering Time – 8 Weeks

Genetics – Hybrid

Lineage – La Kush Cake x Coco Milk

Yield – High

Terp Profile – Gas & Creamy

Coconut Cream by Perfect Tree Seeds is a new-school masterpiece that makes up part of their new Coco Milk line.
Coconut Cream is a blend of two intoxicating, decadently creamy varieties that have combined to create an even more delightful new hybrid.

The mother is their specially selected cut of LA Kush Cake with the Coco Milk reversal. The LA Kush Cake mother, as bred by Seed Junky Genetics & selected by Perfect Tree, blends a delightful profile that stems from its heritage of Kush Mints and Wedding Cake that perfectly mixes with the luscious Coco Milk, which the Bingsu genetics has further enriched with her gorgeous creamy gelato traits.

Coconut Cream is a true Indica-dominant hybrid and will provide potent effects that sedate and relax. The Wedding Cake is seriously potent, and her powerful relaxing effects shine through in this cross.
Finishing up in a mere eight weeks, this is a stellar variety with great power & sturdy genetics that can provide substantial yields if adequately treated by a knowledgeable grower.

Coconut Cream is not just a strain, it’s an experiment in flavour and potency. Standing medium to tall, this plant is a spectacle of beauty, producing sizable, shiny, and frosty buds that captivate the eye, extending their shining resin-covered buds all the way to the lower branches.
As a flagship strain of Perfect Tree, Coconut Cream is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence in cannabis breeding. Perfect Tree Seeds continues to set the standard in the industry, and Coconut Cream is a shining example of its commitment to quality, flavour, and potency.
Embark on a creamy, dreamy journey with Coconut Cream – a luxurious treat for the senses, meticulously crafted by the experts at Perfect Tree.

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COCONUT CREAM + pack of 3 Free Coco Milk S1 Feminized Seeds