ETHOS Magazine Vol2


In Volume 2, Zac Ricciardi outlines the Pathogen Triangle and explains how to set your grow up for success, Loren Brazel shares the importance of honesty and ethics in her cannabis career, Jair Velleman creates a new cannabis world with advanced lighting, and Lovin’ In Her Eyes reflects on her personal relationship with her plants.

Plus: The hunt for Grandpa’s Stash R2, everything you need to know about Autoflowers, pathogen mitigation, the link between Jiu-Jitsu and cannabis cultivation, and an inside look into the ETHOS White Label Project.

Growth necessitates resilience. When you read Volume 2 of The ETHOS Magazine, you may find yourself recognizing your own strength in small, powerful ways. Resilience gives you the ability to withstand—and recover quickly—from challenges that try to interrupt your growth.

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