ETHOS Magazine Vol4


Flipping through the pages of The ETHOS Volume 4, you’ll find the inspiration to do it for yourself. To take risks. To build your business, expand your creativity, channel your originality—and bring everything you learn along the way to your garden.

It’s our 4th Volume, and it comes in 4 distinct cover designs! Each cover features original artwork by Colin Gordon.

In Volume 4, formula-expert Saman Razani explains how he turned a life-altering accident into a career in cannabis, Zac Ricciardi encourages us to find individuality in a crowded industry, we explore the prolonged misuse of the words “Indica” and “Sativa,” troubleshoot grower environmental challenges, and share how access to retail will change the future of seed buying forever. Plus: Grow pics from our ETHOS community, advanced lighting techniques, the emerging cannabis market in Oklahoma, the story of R4, greenhouses vs. warehouses, IBLs, pot porn, and a recipe for rosin-infused marshmallow cereal bars.

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