Fabric Pot Bag Stand


Root booster bag stand for your fabric pot / grow bag. For those growers who love fabric pots, this will enhance your love for them. Taking the same technology as the root booster pots, the grow bag root booster stand will encourage drainage, improve aeration to the root zone from the bottom, and break the surface tension of the water being used to water/ feed your plants.

The unique design allows for maximum airflow and downwards air pruning of the rootzone. Enhanced air pruning will allow for more nutrient uptake. The concave base breaks waters surface tension, and this helps to prevent dry spots where water will flow freely through dry channels, reducing the chance of all roots being wet causing root death.
The fact that the grow bag / fabric pot is elevated will aid in airflow through the rootzone promoting healthy roots. Ideal for all plants and fabric pots
Grow stands from: 15lt to 45 Lt. Bags

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 5 cm