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Introducing our all-natural Fresh hemp leaf wraps, perfect for the health-conscious smoker who wants a pure cannabis experience. Our U.S. grown and produced hemp wraps are minimally processed and give you an unmatched experience.

  • Why you should wrap your weed…with weed:
    • Unlike other Hemp Wraps on the market that are heavily processed, our leaf remains a leaf
    • Get an all-cannabis experience with hemp leaves handpicked from the cannabis plant
    • You’ll only taste the natural flavour of cannabis, without any added flavours, since our leaves are minimally processed.
    • Feel good about what you smoke with our U.S. grown and produced hemp that are put through rigorous lab testing.
    • Unlike our Reserve line, this wrap is fully flexible and ready to roll, with no hydration required, making it incredibly easy to use.

Whether you’re a joint smoker who wants to switch it up or a health-conscious person who prefers an all-natural smoking experience, our hemp wraps are perfect for you. Try them today and never look back.

Packaging colour may vary.

Wraps Per Pack: 2
Hand Rolled:
 Fits 1.5-2g
Dimensions of Each Wrap: Approx. 3.50in x 1.5in – 3.75in x 1.75in

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