G9 Henail Plus 4.0

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The fourth generation Henail is designed for powerful dab rips.

The sleek and versatile vaporizer comes with a dual temperature settings for quartz, ceramic and titanium nails.

Each Henail Plus includes a quartz, GR2 Titianium, and ceramic nail.

Now conveniently vaporize your desired concentrate, rosin, hash oil, wax, and shatter.

The dual use bubbler can be used as recycler or with a bong.

Each glass bubbler separates into two pieces, making the cleaning process much easier.

G9 has also developed the industry’s only removeable ceramic heating head/base.

This simple adjustment will add life to your Henail Plus and increases the efficiency of each dab.

The Kit Includes:

* Henail Plus with 18650/2500mAh Li-Ion Battery

* Magentic Stainless Steel Carb Cap With Dab Tool

* Detachable Glass Attachment

* Titanium Nail

* Ceramic Nail

* Quartz Nail

* Silicon Container

* USB Charger

* User Manual

* Protective Carrying Case

3 Month Warranty

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