Kaya Farm Soluble Amino Acids



A source of 18 plant derived amino acids in a soluble and bio-available form. They allow for both plants and microbes to uptake and make use of immediately making it a powerful bio stimulant. Amino acids possess important and diverse biological functions. They are the building blocks of proteins and precursor to many biomolecules. They contain high levels of nitrogen and carbon helping improve plant metabolism and health. In addition they facilitate mineral uptake by acting as a natural chelator.


Soil/Hydroponic: 1-2g (½-1 tsp) per 5L of water every 1-2 weeks or as required Foliar: 1-1.5g (½-¾ tsp) per 5L of water every 1-2 weeks or as required Agricultural crops: use at rate of 1.5kg/ha 3-4 times per crop season


Hydrolyzed non-gmo soybean proteins Guaranteed analysis : 15-0-0 NPK 80% Amino Acids Store in a cool dry place away from light

– 1 Kg & 250 g’s Available

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