King Palm Rolls 2 Minis


King Palm palm leaf blunts are all natural, handmade, pre-rolled blunts. The Blunts are made from the leaves of the Cordia (Borage) tree. These leaves are known to be very slow burning, which allows you enjoy the favorite moment of your day for even longer. King Palms products are all natural this means that these leaves were not grown with toxic fertilizers and they are not artificially flavored. Also no tobacco, glue or additives are being used in the production process of the blunt rolls.

This King Palm pack contains two mini blunt rolls that come in a handy zip lock bag. Included in the pack is a packing stick, which makes loading a lot easier. These pre-rolled blunts can hold up to 0.8 grams of herbs each and are equipped with a hand rolled corn husk filter inside. The only thing you need to do is grind up your herbs, fill up the blunt and you’re good to go.

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