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Luxar-Dos female cannabis seeds by Compound Genetics is one of the latest strains to release from the legendary breeders at Compound Genetics. Luxar-Dos is a cross of the terp-tantalizing Cherry Dosidos with Compound Genetics’ classic strain Jet Fuel Gelato. The Cherry Dosidos is a highly resistant strain, and when crossed with the Jet Fuel Gelato, the offspring grow in an average structure with a gigantic calyx formation that produces large green and purple flowers with an eye-watering potency of 25-27% THC.

Luxar-Dos packs a terp profile that mixes gelato, fuel, and intense savoury hints; the classic JFG creamy gas terps dominate specific phenotypes. Furthermore, some phenotypes also express an even blend of the two making for a sublime combination of the two parents’ genes. Luxar-Dos typically finishes within weeks 8 & 9 and produces swollen calyx buds. Luxar-Dos is a super high-yielding strain that is an all-round performer well suited to indoor, outdoor & greenhouse growing environments.

  • Brand Compound Genetics
  • Pack Size 5 Seeds Per Pack
  • Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
  • Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
  • Genetics Hybrid
  • Lineage Cherry Dosidos x Jet Fuel Gelato
  • Yield High
  • Seed Type Feminized