Mammoth Pro 240L Grow Tent


The Mammoth Pro 240L Grow Tent is designed for demanding growers, with all the needed openings for your indoor cultivation. From the Mammoth Pro Series, the tent is of very high quality with a steel tube frame, strong zippers, reinforced plastic corners and very good highly reflective 210D mylar material.

The Mammoth Grow Tents are easily assembled and need only a few minutes for preparation. The inner covering ensures maximum light reflection while the outer layer prevents light transfer. There are some inner supports for holding lighting systems, aspirators, odour treatment filters or measuring tools. With aspirator holes as well as the side net openings for passive ventilation.

The Pro tents have wide easy access doors with strong zippers. The floor is waterproof for some water but if filled up too much may leak.


  • 240 x 120 cm, 200 cm high
  • Reflective 210D mylar material
  • Reinforced plastic corners
  • Water Resistant floor
  • Light proof design
  • Compatible with most hydroponic systems
  • Equipment tubes are strong enough to hold 60kg
  • Large doors – easy to access and work in
  • Various intakes and exhausts make setup flexible
  • Straps and hooks for easy integration of equipment
  • Material is washable inside and out
  • Steel frame with 16mm tubes
  • 95% reflective Mylar 210D fabric
  • Quick and easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Removable water tray
  • Volume: 5.76m3
  • Doors: 2 Front, Rear 2, Side 1
  • Ventilation Windows: 2 x (300 x 200mm)
  • Inlet/Outlet Diameters: Dual Layer: 3 x 76 mm cable, Inlet 2 x 254 mm, Outlet 2 x 254 mm, Cool Tube 2 x 203 mm
  • Equipment Hangers: 4
  • Hooks: 10
  • Straps: 2


Materials Reflective 210D mylar ; Plastic ; Steel Tubing
Dimensions 240 x 240 x 200 cm
Volume Volume: 5.76m3
Inlet Diameter 254 mm
Outlet Diameter 254 mm

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