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Myco is a Mycorrhizal fungi that has existed since the first plants appeared on dry land more than 450 million years ago. They form a close symbiotic relationship with your plants’ roots. They are called Mycorrhizae from the Greek words mukés“, meaning fungus, and “rhiza,” meaning roots. Mycorrhizal fungi act as a secondary root system that draws both nutrients and moisture from the soil. Also, it helps protect your plant from root diseases and other nasty soil pests. Another hard hitting benefit is that it aids with aeration and moisture penetration for your plant.


  • Enhance water and nutrient uptake (especially phosphorus)
  • Reduce irrigation requirements
  • Reduce the need for fertilizer
  • Increase drought resistance
  • Increase pathogen resistance
  • Increase plant health and stress tolerance
  • Higher transplanting success
  • Enhance root growth
  • Tolerance to salt
  • Tolerance to root rot
  • Increase yields and crop quality
  • Contribute to maintaining soil quality and nutrient cycling
  • Contribute to controlling soil erosion
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