Original Blue Cheese Automatic

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The Auto Blue Cheese by Original Big Buddha Family Farms is a ruderalis-infused variety based on the incredible heritage of the Blue Cheese variety, which first made waves around the UK in the mid-noughties.

Ruderalis hybrids are better known as Autoflowering strains as they flower without the need for a change in the light cycle.

Auto Blue Cheese is the latest generation of autoflowering strains from Original Big Buddha Family Farms, going from seed to harvest within 65-80 days.

Original Big Buddha Family Farms’ Auto Blue Cheese has a tendency to grow into large lollipop structure plants with the signature taste of blueberries and cheese.

Original Big Buddha Family Farms always recommends using a light and airy medium.

Auto Blue Cheese produces decent yields from very vigorous plants.

– 6 Feminized Seeds Per pack