Paprika is a mild chilli pepper with a Scoville rating of between 250 and 1000, which is easy to grow and a good producer of fruit.
The paprika pepper is large, cone-shaped chili pepper. It is typically dried and ground to make them more familiar with powdered spice. It is originally from Hungary. The paprika is a fairly large red pepper and quite long, growing up to 20cm, and lends a unique spiciness to paprika powder.
Most cooks consider paprika when preparing dishes like deviled eggs or potato salad, using it more for color than flavor. This is such a shame, as they do offer a unique flavor.
Seeds are best sown in trays indoors and transplanted after all frost danger has passed during colder months. Prepare a seedling tray with compost or potting soil and place 1 or 2 seeds per compartment. Cover with a thin layer of compost or potting soil and wet with a fine mist but do not overwater. Vermiculite can be used on the surface to retain moisture and reduce the need for watering.
Seedlings can be transplanted into pots, growing bags, or into beds if the climate allows it. Paprika can be slow to germinate. Soaking seeds for at least 24 hours prior to planting can reduce germination time.
Minimum of 30 seeds per pack
All seeds are tested and grown on our farm in Malawi and our growing area in South Africa. Please check conditions in your area for the type of seed to be grown. Growth rates and germination times are dependent on many factors such as soil conditions, rainfall/watering patterns, climate, and many more.
Growth and harvest can be affected by these conditions. Please note that certain countries require specific permission to grow certain plants or ban their growth completely. Please check your local regulations before purchasing products.
We will not be held responsible for products purchased that are not allowed in your country/province

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