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Humates and Fulvates are natural biostimulants extracted from Humus, the dark organic material resulting from the biodegradation of plants and animals over millions of years.
The extraction of humic and fulvic acid makes the trace minerals contained in humus available to plants and soil, reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers for plant growth and improving the fertility of soil.
Humic Acid is a chelator, meaning it is an organic molecule that attracts and deposits minerals in soil and makes them available to a plant in the root zone. It is used for sustainable farming as it reduces reliance on synthetic fertilisers and reconditions overworked or depleted soil.
• Reconditions depleted soil and promotes microbial activity
• Enhances fertiliser performance
• Deposits and attracts trace minerals for plant root uptake
• Reduces reliance on synthetic fertilisers
• Strengthens plant root growth and overall plant health
The Fulvic Acid molecule’s small size delivers trace minerals directly to the plant cell. It is perfect for foliar feeding or directly to the root zone of the plant. Fulvic Acid increases yield by delivering minerals directly to the metabolic sites in plant cells, stimulating growth regardless of pH levels.
• Improves plant metabolism
• Delivers trace minerals directly to plant cells
• Reduces need for synthetic fertilisers
• Improves yield and overall plant health
• Can be used as a foliar spray or around plant root zone
PE Humates is particularly good at strengthening a plant’s root system. Dilute 20 – 40ml per 1000ml water and pour around the root zone during the growth phase of a plant. Having strengthened the roots, the addition of PE Fulvates (same dilution) will speed up plant metabolism considerably. Once you enter the flowering stage, combine either PE product with your favourite flowering nutrients.
• Both products can be mixed with your favourite fertilisers and nutrients
• If using for pot plants, reduce mix to 10ml per 1000ml and use less often

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