Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber


Puffco 3D XL Chamber is a revolution for the massive globbers in the community, with a 78% larger bowl & 2x the vapour production, the XL will forever change the way you interact with your Peak Pro.

The Peak Pro 3D XL is a first to the world, the very first high-capacity e-rig chamber, designed to be capable of shredding the size dabs normally reserved for slurper and control tower bangers.

The Puffco 3D XL Chamber delivers the same consistency and incredible flavour as the standard 3D chamber whilst also letting you load it with more dabs and rip it even harder so you get less reclaim.

To use the 3D XL, you’ll need to update your Puffco firmware via the app which will then unlock the highest level of vapour control in the Puffco Connect app.

Bigger Dabs
The Peak Pro 3D XL means way bigger dabs, you can so large that you might just need a hand (and a set of lungs) from your friend.

More Vapour
The vapour production from the 3D XL is serious, you’ll be living in a cloudy location after each rip. Packing more vapour than any other Puffco product, and twice as much as the previous champion the regular XL chamber, whilst retaining all of the flavour.

Rip it Hard
The larger chamber size and dramatically improved airflow results in a new way of hittting the Peak Pro, just like a slurper or control tower you can rip it as hard as you want, in fact it’s actually suggested.

More Control
The 3D XL includes the new XL Joystick cap which provides precision-tuned control over the airflow, making your vapour control even easier. Plus Puffco have added the new XL mode into the vapour control section of the app.

Less Spillover
Due to the XL size of the chamber, there is far less reclaim found in the airpath from the bowl to the glass mouthpiece which makes maintenance easier & quicker. All this time saved means more moments to dab!

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Puffco 3D XL Chamber is a revolution for globbers in the community, with a 78% larger bowl & more vapour, the XL will change Peak Pro experience