Ruby Zoisite Gemstone Pipe


Ruby Zoisite Gemstone Pipe

These crystal pipes are beautiful and a delight to use. They make a great gift as well. In fact, there has never been a more popular crystal gemstone item. All of our gemstone pipes are crafted by hand from top quality gemstone. In crystals, there is always a range of quality available, and we make sure that our pipes are premium quality stone.

The special mystical properties of Ruby Zoisite include:

Ruby in Zoisite is an energy amplification stone that can energize the entire field of one’s body. It is used to assist in healing from abuse or trauma issues stemming from incidents or situations in this life or others. It is used for psychic ability and empowerment, as well as altered states of consciousness.

– Sizes vary in length from 9cm – 11cm

– 4 Gemstones pipes to choose from

– Screen Bowl Pops In/Out For Easy Cleaning & Replacement

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