Super Frass


Super Frass is an organic soil packed with beneficial micro organisms, as well as Micro And Macro Nutrients.

The soil is high in carbon and nitrogen, which gives your plant a big boost when the Super Frass is absorbed into the soil.

( you will see the leaves will turn green)

It’s high in sugar so the brix level of the soil increases which means that its a very healthy soil.

It’s contains Chitin.


This is a polymer that comes from the exoskeleton of the black soldier fly larvae.

It tricks the plant into thinking It’s under attack, so the plant goes into defense mode sending messages to strengthen the cell walls.

The result is a bigger more robust plant with bigger roots, bigger stem and bigger nodes which means a bigger yield.


The healthy soil and plant means that its less susceptible to attacks from fungi and insects.

We have found that it prevents mildew among other things including root rot and attacks from nematodes.



1.Soil Amendment:

We have found that the earlier the plant can take in the chitin the better.

We suggest you sell a bag of superfrass along with the other soil mediums that guys are buying. Here they are getting the benefits of our frass that the other mediums don’t have.

Dosage: apply 10g for every litre of soil.

Eg; if they are growing in a 20 litre pot add 200grams of frass into the mix.


2. Soil additive:

The grower can mix the frass into the top layer of the soil around the stem.

Dosage: 10 grams per litre of soil.

So if it’s 20l pot then 200grams every 2 weeks.

We have found that the guys like it during veg stage of the plant.


– 15 DM bag

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