T H C The Human Companion Plant


Sista Vee Nohombile is a Rastafari herbalist from South Africa. Since 1981 she has been arrested and raided 11 times for Cannabis possession and cultivation, and escaped arrest many more times.

But still she is forbidden to carry this medicine or to grow the plant for patients who desperately need this healing for so many medical conditions. Forced by prohibition laws to work in secret most of her life she took extraordinary measures in order to bring Cannabis medicine to the people.

Between the covers of this 126 page book Sista Vee will take you on a journey and share the almost 40 years of experience she has with Cannabis, teaching you about the scientific and spiritual aspects of this magical plant.

Sista Vee Nohombile says:

“Cannabis is the Human Companion Plant was born out of the urgent need to publish an introductory guide-line as to how the recently discovered human Endocannabinoid System (EC system, ECS) works, and the truth about the importance of the Cannabis plant to our health.

As the writer it is important for me to present this vital information in such a way that even ordinary, non-medical people will be able to read with relative ease, even if they have never heard about Cannabis before. There is no doubt that people need scientific proof, and everyone should absolutely always insist on scientific evidence.

The challenge has always been to search for literature and scientific proof about the healing properties of the Cannabis plant, and then to correlate authentic scientific evidence with ancient knowledge carried down by generations of herbalists and traditional healers.”

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