Tropicandy combines my Ztrop 15 ( z x Trop cookies F1) with my original Trop Cookies F1 male. The Ztrop mother was the outlier phenotype from 2 different hunts of the original Ztrop. The initial cross lacked structure but had amazing terps. After a long hunt I found a girl that not only had the incredible nose of her z dominant sisters but also the supreme bag appeal we’ve come to expect from my TCF1 line. The resulting cross brings increased hash yeilds (4% Post press phenos are common which great for z dominant strains) and a unique berry twist on the Z cut you know and love. Growers should expect the plants to stay very squat and bushy, perfect for double stacked grow rooms or people with low ceilings. With an average flower time of 55 to 63 days and amazing flavor this girls only drawback is her slower vegetative growth.

Z-Trop 15 x Tropicanna Cookies f1

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