Twisty Glass Blunt


Ditch the paper and the burning of your fingers. A new day is dawning for you, and you’re all about it.

With its glass tube efficient design, the Twisty Blunt removes paper from the experience, leaving you with only the stuff you need, and none of the stuff you don’t.

Holding up to X grams of herb, it’s gentle to use and easy to enjoy. Pack the herb into the glass tube, twist away, and light. You can even save what you packed into the tube to use later, with a tight cap to keep it fresh and dry. Smooth, cool pulls make you feel great, and easy ash-Ing keeps things clean and manageable.

But, hey, let’s talk about what is included with this item:
1 Twisty Blunt
1 Cleaning Brush for easy upkeep

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