Vibes Cali Cones Ultra Thin 1gram


The Vibes Cali Cones Ultra Thin Pre-Rolled Cones by Vibes are the latest offering from Vibes, the brainchild of the prolific entrepreneur and prolific Bay Area rapper Berner. This is his most intimate and personal pre-rolled cone so far- the Cali Cones by Vibes are now available in this 1g style.

The Cali cone design perfectly replicates Berner’s rolling style as a world-recognized cannabis connoisseur. Berner is often heard talking about wide rolls that allow the smoke to spread out as it hits your palette so you can taste it better, and the Cali cone finally brings that experience to reality for all to enjoy. The 1g Cali Cone is completely cylindrical with an extra-wide circumference that allows for incredible airflow; this airflow allows easy pulls of thick clouds of smoke. In addition, the wide airflow increases the flavour of the smoke as it spreads out as it hits your tongue.

The tips have been optimized to provide the necessary support to pack the pre-rolls easily. The tips also prevent any debris from hitting your mouth.

– Holds one gram of your favourite herb !

– 3 Cones per pack

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