Wolf Grinders Big Bowl



The Big Bowl has all the essentials you need in the palm of your hand. It’s durable, compact, convenient and ideal for traveling. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without this powerful device.

4 Features In 1 Device:


Equipped with an incredibly durable aluminum grinder that has a magnetic closure to keep the grinding plates closed tight.

Removable Pipe

It has a removable pipe fitted with a glass bowl that slides right out of the grinder.

Lighter Holster

Built right in is a BIC mini lighter holder. Simply slide out when you need it and slide in when you don’t.


At the bottom of the grinder you’ll find a large storage case that can be very useful.

Have you ever smoked out of a grinder before?

The big bowl allows you to do just that. It’s equipped with an intake hole so you can smoke right out of it. Simply light up the bowl and you’re good to go.

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Camo Green, Silver, Black