Wolf Scorpion Pipe XL


Scorpion Pipe

The Scorpion Pipe is absolutely one of a kind. It folds up into a compact cube and easy fits in the palm of your hand. It’s the ideal pipe for when you’re on the move. There’s simply nothing that compares to it.

5 Features in 1 Device

Folding Stem

It has a folding stem that works with magnets to keep it locked up, discreet looking, and very portable.
Removable Glass Bowl
The removable glass bowl is fitted to the device and ready to be packed.

Swivel Cover

The swivel cover keeps the bowl covered when you’re not using it.


Includes a carb on the side of the pipe for maximum intake.

Pick Piece

Easily unscrews to help you pack bowls with precision and ease.

It folds up into a compact cube.

This the perfect accessory for your next ski/snowboard trip, hiking, your daily commute, or anything else in your active lifestyle. Even though it’s very discreet and the most portable pipe you’ll ever find, this quartz glass bowl packs more than you think.




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